Rockhampton Engineering is a company dedicated to providing quality CNC machining with CNC Lathes, including Central Queenslands largest Vertical CNC Lathe and CNC milling machines. CNC machining is the process that is used in the manufacturing field involving the use of the computers for controlling the machine tools which makes runs of one to a million more accurate and faster. Rockhampton Enigneering is a machine shop that has an extensive range of equipment and highly skilled operators.

Pins, Bushes, Shafts, Bearing Housings, Gears, Pipes, Flanges & Adaptors are common jobs to be CNC Machined and common materials include but are not limited to Plain carbon steel, Low alloy steel, High alloy steel/ high tensile steel, Tool steels, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Plastics, Pipes and Tubes.

We are ready to take on any machining job you our customer can put in front of us. Our relationships are based on our quality of work and reliable service of jobs within a timely manner.